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PowerPoint DVD Converter

PowerPoint DVD Converter is a  professional quality DVD conversion program for PowerPoint. It turns your PowerPoint presentations into DVD. 
Your presentation DVDs are truly portable and will play perfectly on any DVD player or PC. Now every PowerPoint users can have a compatible, portable, and versatile tool.


Output in MPEG, DVD/MiniDVD

PowerPoint DVD Converter  enables you to convert your PowerPoint presentations to MPEG movie, or burn to DVD/MiniDVD disc for permanent data backup or sent to others as gifts. Since the wide spread use of DVDs, a dvd_based presentation is becoming more and more acceptable and desired by people. 

Perfect Duplication of the Original PowerPoint Presentations

Highly preserves the texts, graphics, audio tracks, videos and transitions of the original, with a quality loss less export. A variety of parameters for you to set to gain a perfect copy of your original PowerPoint presentations on maximum.

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Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP or Windows XP Professional 

120 MHz and above CPU

64 MB Memory

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